Thinking about a wood fired hot tub?

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Spending quality time in our outdoor space has never been more popular and so to has the increasing use of wood fired hot tubs.

Unsurprisingly, a Canadian/Scandinavian concept, wood fired hot tubs are an increasingly sustainable way to bathe or relax outdoors.

Once your tub is filled with water, simply light a wood fire in the firebox which will then heat up the water.

The benefit of having a wood fired hot tub over a traditional hot tub is the running costs are much lower especially as the costs of electricity continue to rise.  A wood fired hot tub can be more easily drained and reheated than constantly running an electric hot tub.

Wood is also more eco-friendly as it is a sustainable source of energy which can be renewed.

In addition, wood fired hot tubs tend to make a more stylish feature to the garden than a traditional hot tub or inflatable spa.

Using a fire rather than an electric hot tub is also much more fun, providing a bit of additional theatre to the whole experience.  You are also not quite as limited on the location of the hot tub as without the need to be wired in it can easily be sited in the best position.

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