Which Smokeless Fuel should I use on my multi-fuel stove?

Posted by Katy Mills on

Using Smokeless Fuel to heat your home has never been more convenient or indeed cheaper than other forms of energy.  However it can be difficult to know which house fuel to burn. Here is some of our advice in relation to smokeless fuel, ovals and ovoids and our range of products.

Many factors impact which fuel to choose:

  • ease of lighting
  • length of burn time
  • heat and ash from the fuel you are burning.

It could also be more practical considerations such as:

  • length of the chimney
  • position of the chimney relative to surrounding buildings and trees
  • appliance size and type, and
  • condition of rope seals, fire cement around pipes or doors on appliance

All of the above can affect which smokeless fuel works best for you.

We would recommend you start on one of our middle of the range products like Hot Ovoids. Hot Ovoids are an approved smokeless fuel, with medium ash & a hot long lasting burn, ideal for keep your stove in for a few hours. 

From this product you can go one of two ways:

  1. save the pennies and move to mixed ovoids or heatmax ovals, or
  2. go up a quality to Five Star Ovals
With a cheaper fuel, you will find more ash and a quicker burn time. With the more expensive fuels you’ll find a longer burn, higher output of heat with a similar level of ash. 

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