What is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) or 3D Secure?

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New Regulations have now come into force to regulate the payment industry and provide stronger protection for customers who shop online using their debit or credit cards.  Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) or two forms of authentication is now being used.  For example instead of just entering your password, you may now also be asked to enter a code generated on your banking app.  This protects you as it makes it harder for fraudulent charges to go through.  However, this does mean that you may have to undertake extra steps that you didn't have to before. 

You will have to enter this extra information through technology called 3D Secure.  3D Secure is an extra layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. It adds an authentication step for online payments by redirecting you to your card issuer’s domain, then back to Solid Fuel Hub's online store domain to complete payment.

Solid Fuel Hub's website is optimised to minimise the use of 3D Secure, and only uses 3D Secure when required by the issuing bank in order for a transaction to be authorised successfully.

Purchase Verification

You might need to confirm your payment method for extra security. Your bank can challenge purchase attempts, which means you need to manually confirm your payment method.  This could be in the following forms:

  • Something you know (password or pin)
  • Something you possess (Banking App, text message, card reader, email link or other device to evidence a one time passcode)
  • Something you inherit (fingerprint)

If your bank cannot identify you or the two factor authentication cannot be completed then your payment might be considered non-compliant and be declined.  If you experience any issues on checkout please don't hesitate to contact us on enquiries@solidfuelhub.co.uk or 0808 196 8713

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