What are the advantages of a wood burning stove?

Posted by Katy Mills on

The main attraction of installing a wood-burning stove for most people is the reassuring cosy feeling and the beauty of the flickering flames of a real fire. However, over and above the comforting fire itself, there are real advantages to wood-burning especially as prices continue to rise on traditional forms of energy for home owners.

Installing a wood burning or indeed multi-fuel stove are a stylish feature to a home.  Estate agents have noted that homes with stoves are easier to sell at a later date.  Your home may not be worth more but certainly sells more quickly and typically nearer to the asking price.

There is an initial set up cost to installing a wood burning stove but one of the primary longer term benefits is that they help lower your reliance on traditional energy and indeed are 80% efficient in heating your room, much cheaper than gas or electricity.

The other advantage is that using a sustainable energy solution like wood is more environmentally friendly.  Burning wood will release carbon into the atmosphere, however a tree will absorb enough carbon during its lifetime to balance the carbon cycle, causing much less damage to our environment. 

Now that you have heard the advantages, if you do decide to invest in a wood-burning stove, then we have you covered.  With a range of kiln dried logs and firewood certified ready to burn in stock.

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