Will Smokeless Fuel and House Coal Prices go up?

Posted by Katy Mills on

coal price increase

Spring is here and summer is heading our way.  Normally this is the ideal time to negotiate and lock in solid fuel prices whilst the weather is dry and demand is low.  However, things could not be more different this year.

Never has the market been more challenging and negotiating summer coal prices has never been harder.  Fuel prices are increasing every week. We will see an unheard of significant summer increase on the £/tonne and further significant increases are expected as we move into the autumn and winter months.

If you like to get value for money and bag a bargain then the savvy buyer would be well advised to book early and take advantage of the current prices while stocks last.  If you haven't considered buying a full or half pallet of solid fuel before then this may be the time to do it.

Shop now and secure your solid fuel needs for the season ahead rather than week by week.


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