How to Repurpose your Coal Bags or Pallets

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Buying solid fuel on a pallet saves you money as buying a greater volume gives you the buying power so you can get a better price.  However, what do you when you have emptied all the bags and are left with the pallet.

1. Make Kindling

A very popular move with the remaining pallet is to cut it up into kindling to help with lighting your fire.  You also don't incur additional costs in purchasing kindling too.

2. Pallet Furniture

It has become a huge trend in the world of upcycling to turn the humble pallet into a bespoke piece of furniture for you home or garden.  From a coffee table, to a book shelf, to a bug hotel or artwork and many, many more ideas besides.  Be inspired and let your creativity run wild.

3. Garden Feature

Increasingly, we see leftover pallets used as a garden feature especially if your garden may be lacking in space.  The pallet could be used to create a vertical garden wall with plant pots hooked on or even make it into your own personal herb garden.

4. Wedding Sign

Rustic and vintage wedding themes are all the rage and here at Solid Fuel Hub we love a pallet wedding sign.  Why not customise your pallet as part of your big day into a 'Welcome' Wedding sign or even as your Order of the Day.

5. Rubble Bag

A very common use for the coal bags is to use them in and around the garden to collect rubble or garden waste.  The waste can then be taken to the tip and the bag brought back to be filled again.  The bags are made of a durable PP mesh so are versatile and hold up for long periods of use

6. Garden Planter

If you are a keen gardener why not wash the bag out and pop in some compost and use it to grow a selection of veg or other plants.

7. Garden Furniture

The bags are very strong and made in a woven structure so could be used to cover an old outdoor chair seat.

8. Weed Suppression

Rather than purchasing new sheets of plastic, turn your bags into homemade weed suppression matting.  Use it as a base layer over the ground in gardens or flower beds to prevent weeds from sprouting.

In the future, we hope to be able to take the bags back from you.  In the meantime, we hope the ideas above give you a good selection of upcycling inspiration!

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